DAMASK ROSE Rose-Petal Liqueur

For our Rose Petal Liqueur, we combined the deep and intense flavour of rose oil with a hint of exotic spices . Damask Rose is a sensual product, harmonious in taste and distinctive.


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Dwersteg Distillery has a long and prestigious history of creating new and innovative products. Recently we have been fascinated by the complex skills required to prepare the finest of rose essential oils. To learn more, we travelled throughout Southern Europe visiting rose gardens and the manufacturers who extract the essences of rose. Above all, we have admired the fragrance of the Damask Rose. This Queen among roses evokes memories of A Thousand and One Nights and opens up both heart and soul. Our Rose Petal Liqueur combines the deep intense flavour of the Damask Rose with a hint of exotic spices. This is a sensuous product with a harmonious and distinctive aroma and palate. The fresco-like motifs on the Damascena Iabel were specially designed for us by Federico Bencini in his Barcelona studio.

Ingredients: Rose-Petal Liqueur*
Content: 0,7 l
Alcohol: 33 % vol.
 Biosiegel 50px 50px  Kontrollstellen-Nr. DE-ÖKO 003

(*from organic farming)